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  Kid.s Cedar Swing Set Every child needs a place to play: it should be somewhere safe, somewhere beautiful, and somewhere as close as the back yard! Placing wooden playsets so close to home is a great investment in your children’s safety as well as your time and money. Pick the play set that’s right for you, arrange it exactly the way you want, and maintain the play space on your schedule and to your standards. There are plenty of reasons to buy a pre-fabricated or custom playset such as wooden playhouse for your yard and the most important one will always be your children.

Wooden playsets come in every shape, size, and arrangement imaginable. From the simplest wooden play fort, to a detailed recreation perfect for playing house, every child’s dream play home can be found and built in your own back yard. Sand boxes, slides, playhouses, jungle gyms, and even sports fields can be recreated for your child to play on.

 Many of the favorite playground classics haven’t changed much over the years: slides, swingsets, club houses, and see-saws (teeter totters) are just as loved and in demand as they were 50 years ago. Only now these playground equipment pieces are being designed more safely than ever, with children’s well being carefully regarded in every step of creation. No matter how safe or carefully designed, however, there are still some common sense rules that should stay in place.

Safe Play Guidelines

Kids are going to rough house, there’s no doubt about that, but if you know your children are especially prone to wrestling and more-hands on play, it might be a good idea to get a shorter playset than try to forbid rough play on the jungle gym.

Even though it’s tempting, swingsets aren’t safe to jump off of. No mater how safe the landing zone might be, there’s always something unexpected that could result in an injury.

Sand boxes are not recommended for children under 8 months old, though most won’t be interested in it until closer to one year or older. There are plenty of alternatives to traditional sand, too, if that’s a concern.

Place any and all playground equipment on the flattest part of the yard and be sure it is free  of rocks, debris, and fences or other obstructions. Leave room around the equipment to minimize chances of injury.  12 Foot SAFETY First Trampoline

Adult supervision is always necessary at all times. Older children are ill equipped to act as supervisors, so be certain there are responsible older teenagers or adults around whenever children are using the equipment.

Playset Maintenance

Only use maintenance equipment, nuts, bolts, and tools that are recommended by the playset manufacturing company. Not all bolts and parts sold in stores are designed to support a child’s weight or will fit properly onto the play equipment; only pieces given the company okay should be used.

Secure all play equipment to the ground as unsecured equipment could tip. Be sure to check that all playsets or wooden playhouse setups are secured on a regular basis.

Wooden playsets and equipment should be kept free of splinters, large cracks, or deterioration. Metal equipment should not be rusted, should be welded smoothly and without sharp corners, and should be well shaded to avoid burns. Plastic equipment should not have any cracks or splinters

Make sure all bolts, screws, and joints are kept tight and that protective coverings are snugly in place to avoid cuts or scrapes.

Quality on a budget

There’s a playset for every budget. Whether you choose to buy a complete backyard playground set all together or build several pieces yourself over time, there are plenty of materials and play equipment to choose from.

Many children are more interested in playing pretend than in climbing so a tent, tunnel, furniture set, sand box, or wooden playhouse may be the right fit.

If your children are competitive athletes, perhaps a miniature soccer goal, trampoline, basketball net, kiddie pool, or lawn games set is more their speed.

If your children prefer the experience of traditional playground exploration, then a playset is just the ticket. Buy it in pieces or purchase a complete set all at once, whichever best suits your budget and available time and space.

The Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage What child would not want a playground in their very own backyard? And what parent would want the convenience of having a play space right behind the house? There are plenty of great reasons to keep a play area in your own backyard: it’s possible to regularly check and maintain the safety of the equipment, you can choose the exact pieces that your child has access to, and you can design the perfect structure to hold your child’s interests. From swingsets to sand boxes, slides to climbing walls, and wooden playsets there are few things better than watching your children grow and learn outdoors.

 On our website we include customer reviews and ratings on the best outdoor kids playsets.  One of the most popular outdoor kids playsets if you have the space, are the wooden playsets which offer many kids activities in one.  As well as being very sturdy and made of durable wood such as cedar, they incorporate swings, baby swings, fort, slide, sandbox, covered sitting area with benches and climbing structures.  All of this is built into one structure to keep active kids busy and designed with safety in mind.

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